I just love how they ordered pizza for the audience. Great example of digital to physical experiences. PS. My agency actually pitched a very similar idea to Microsoft about 1.5 years ago. I guess it takes a kooky agency name like Wexley School for Girls to get client buy-in. 😉

This is a crazy cool pictorial of some of the most interesting and “experiential” sporting events ever. What caught my attention was that the venue is in itself an experience, but the action itself is not. In fact, the actual sporting event is practically irrelevant — it could be a football game, a hockey game, […]

I love this idea: a bandana designed specifically for protesting.  The Guy Fawkes-inspired bandana can be worn half over or entirely over the face, giving a bit of anonymity to Occupy activists. The bandana also includes protest tips and phone numbers for legal aid and the ACLU. (That’s so freakin’ cool.) According to the creator, […]

(I know, I know. I’m vain.) This was an interview done in Montreal. Where else can I smoke so freely? But seriously. I’m done with the ciggies. Don’t offer me any, okay? Especially when I’m drinking. Or giving interviews.

Although reading Brand New World is a better idea, you can get a glimpse into the massive paradigm shifts in India and China in these reports from AdAge. Here’s a run-down: CHINA 1. Largest internet market in the world China has become the world’s largest internet market with nearly 480 million users (with 277 million […]

I’m a fan of live advertising, especially if that experience surprises and delights people — giving them something more than just a message or impression. That’s why I’ve written about Coke’s Happiness Machine campaign — a campaign that tries to faithfully deliver on the brand promise in a way that a tagline just can’t. So […]

Ever since high school, I have studied with music playing in the ambient background. That has translated to pleasure reading as well. So this news is pretty cool. Apparently, we will soon have a soundtrack that goes with a book. In the film versions of “Pride and Prejudice” the music jumps and swells at all […]

Absolutely awesome way to prove a point! And it’s a great example of spanning the digital-to-physical bridge.

When the New York Times conducted a study on the reasons why people share news among each other, a ray of light into marketing may (or may not) have been released. You see, according to this study, the five reasons why we like to share digital content rely more on our humanity than digitization and ease-of-use. […]

The future of our business is in building the bridges between physical and digital experiences. This billboard does just that. Check out the description here. And the campaign — in which tweets that are punctuated with a frowny face will be remedied with free Kraft Jell-O pudding. Check that out here. FULL DISCLOSURE: I work […]

Interesting read here about why Borders imploded. The quote I took away is this: If you’re a retailer, loyal and engaged customers are six times more likely to visit your locations. Consumers are looking to be delighted, and only real brands that can engage customers can do that. Loyal customers follow “The Rule of Six”: […]

Well, sort of. Here’s a great paper from “customer experience authority” Mike Wittenstein. He’s good folks. Solid thinking. You should get the report here and read it thoroughly.

Yeah, I said it. Check this out: the universe’s biggest proponent of digiterati is getting physical. According to this article, Microsoft is getting all experiential: …the world’s largest software maker, will open 75 stores within three years, expanding a retail effort to promote products directly to consumers, Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner said… ..“They can’t […]