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BRAND NEW WORLD: AdAge’s Peak Into India and China

Although reading Brand New World is a better idea, you can get a glimpse into the massive paradigm shifts in India and China in these reports from AdAge. Here’s a run-down: CHINA 1. Largest internet market in the world China has become the world’s largest internet market with nearly 480 million users (with 277 million […]


File this under the “duh, how much more proof do you need” category. According to another study — this one from Satmetrix — one in five US consumers says a bad customer experience leads him/her to switch brands. No shit. Really? “These findings suggest that companies can improve customer retention and acquisition by reallocating a […]


One of the greatest handicaps to promoting experiential marketing around the world is the dearth of research on the subject. We can all talk the talk, but can experiential marketing walk the walk? The latest effort from the Experiential Marketing Forum may prove to be the answer we are looking for. Please, take this survey […]


Here’s a great chart from a BusinessWeek story that a colleague at GMR Marketing found. Feel free to use it in your presentations.

Event Marketing Survey

Event Marketer Magazine, with sponsorship support from Polaroid Corporation, has released a consumer study to gauge consumer attitudes, perceptions and practices with respect to event marketing programs. Event Marketer engaged David Van Nuys, Ph.D.,of E-Focus Groups, a market research firm, to create a survey based on the questions developed by the magazine. A total of […]