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What, Me Worry?

I thought we’d build more schools than this. My advertising agency, aptly called School, has a mission to fund projects for impoverished kids across the world and has partnered with Pencils of Promise to build schools in Guatemala, Laos and Ghana. When we started the agency a little over two years ago, we set out […]

How to Give a Shit (G.A.S.)

We are all faced with the prospect of becoming uninterested in our work, and worse still, uninterested in the world around us. But we all know that to truly get to great work — and to dent the world a bit — we need to give a shit. So how can we get there and […]

The Experience Is the Message

As marketers and advertisers chase trends and tools to reach elusive audiences, they have often ignored experiential marketing in favor of digital and television ads. That is a serious mistake; experiential campaigns are more important than ever and will continue to be crucial for the foreseeable future. A confluence of market forces is making experiential […]

2014 Advertising Week (#AWXI) Speech

For those of you interested in the changing face of cause marketing — and the crazy hair flip I’m rocking — here’s a link to a recent speech I was honored to deliver at Advertising Week. Comments and diatribes welcome!      

Editorial in Campaign Magazine Gets People Talking

I recently published my first piece in Campaign Magazine, discussing the talent drain in the advertising industry and the role of purpose in recruiting and retaining top thinkers. It’s become a pretty popular read on the site. I hope I didn’t ruffle too many feathers. Read it here.

School Goes to Guatemala To Build Our First School


If the New York Times says it, you know it’s true: I and my partners have launched a new agency in Boulder called School. Check out the pretty epic NYT article here. I am honored and stoked to be working with Joe Corr, Shane Kent and Ryan Nikolaidis on our adventure to add meaning, purpose […]


I believe that creativity can solve anything. Yes, I know how trite and flippant that sentence seems. I’ve been trying to avoid writing trite and flippant sentences for as long as I can remember. What I mean is that when imbued with purpose and empathy and fearlessness, the process of creativity can lead to some […]


A friend of mine who teaches at ad school wanted to have his class read Brand New World. Trouble is, the publisher wasn’t able to get 20 copies together. Can you believe that? 20 copies. What utter incompetence! So then I thought: “Jeez, I should never have published this with Harper Collins Canada. What a dead […]