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If the New York Times says it, you know it’s true: I and my partners have launched a new agency in Boulder called School. Check out the pretty epic NYT article here. I am honored and stoked to be working with Joe Corr, Shane Kent and Ryan Nikolaidis on our adventure to add meaning, purpose […]


I’m really excited to be a part of this conference — XMC 2013 in Nigeria — where I will be speaking. Truly looking forward to meeting people and learning new things along the way. There’s even a video with the most awesome voice-over ever. (Love how he pronounces my name!). Check it out below:


I believe that creativity can solve anything. Yes, I know how trite and flippant that sentence seems. I’ve been trying to avoid writing trite and flippant sentences for as long as I can remember. What I mean is that when imbued with purpose and empathy and fearlessness, the process of creativity can lead to some […]


A friend of mine who teaches at ad school wanted to have his class read Brand New World. Trouble is, the publisher wasn’t able to get 20 copies together. Can you believe that? 20 copies. What utter incompetence! So then I thought: “Jeez, I should never have published this with Harper Collins Canada. What a dead […]

Occupy Spawns A Pretty Cool (and Experiential) Accessory

I love this idea: a bandana designed specifically for protesting.  The Guy Fawkes-inspired bandana can be worn half over or entirely over the face, giving a bit of anonymity to Occupy activists. The bandana also includes protest tips and phone numbers for legal aid and the ACLU. (That’s so freakin’ cool.) According to the creator, […]

BRAND NEW WORLD: AdAge’s Peak Into India and China

Although reading Brand New World is a better idea, you can get a glimpse into the massive paradigm shifts in India and China in these reports from AdAge. Here’s a run-down: CHINA 1. Largest internet market in the world China has become the world’s largest internet market with nearly 480 million users (with 277 million […]


I’m a fan of live advertising, especially if that experience surprises and delights people — giving them something more than just a message or impression. That’s why I’ve written about Coke’s Happiness Machine campaign — a campaign that tries to faithfully deliver on the brand promise in a way that a tagline just can’t. So […]


When the New York Times conducted a study on the reasons why people share news among each other, a ray of light into marketing may (or may not) have been released. You see, according to this study, the five reasons why we like to share digital content rely more on our humanity than digitization and ease-of-use. […]