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What, Me Worry?

I thought we’d build more schools than this. My advertising agency, aptly called School, has a mission to fund projects for impoverished kids across the world and has partnered with Pencils of Promise to build schools in Guatemala, Laos and Ghana. When we started the agency a little over two years ago, we set out […]


If the New York Times says it, you know it’s true: I and my partners have launched a new agency in Boulder called School. Check out the pretty epic NYT article here. I am honored and stoked to be working with Joe Corr, Shane Kent and Ryan Nikolaidis on our adventure to add meaning, purpose […]

Occupy Spawns A Pretty Cool (and Experiential) Accessory

I love this idea: a bandana designed specifically for protesting.  The Guy Fawkes-inspired bandana can be worn half over or entirely over the face, giving a bit of anonymity to Occupy activists. The bandana also includes protest tips and phone numbers for legal aid and the ACLU. (That’s so freakin’ cool.) According to the creator, […]