I believe that creativity can solve anything. Yes, I know how trite and flippant that sentence seems. I’ve been trying to avoid writing trite and flippant sentences for as long as I can remember.

What I mean is that when imbued with purpose and empathy and fearlessness, the process of creativity can lead to some monumental paradigm shifts in our human condition if not in our humanity.

That’s why I run a purposeful creative agency called School out of Boulder, CO. (With outposts in SF and NYC.) It’s a place in which the people there have the power to can shake the world.

I should know.

I’m a pretty good creative director because I’ve been at some pretty great creative places like MDC Partners’ TEAM Enterprises and Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Omnicom’s GMR Marketing. I’ve written two good business books that have seemed to anticipate fundamental marketing trends and consumer convictions by a few or more years. And I’m a pretty good experiential marketer, having been in the experiential game since practically it’s inception when I co-founded one of the world’s first boutique digital-cum-experiential agencies called Gearwerx almost 15 years ago.

But I think I’m good at my job because I haven’t yet mastered the art of 21st century marketing. And that’s a good thing.

A creative director for the 21st century has to do it all: traditional, digital and experiential. The creative needs to know how to design a print ad as well as a website, how to script a spot as well as a press release, make Super Bowl ads and late night, direct response long-form. Above all, creatives must all move away from writing branded stories to rendering consumer experiences.

On this blog you will find the work that I’ve done, some more information about myself and a bunch of  posts about culture, marketing, advertising and entertainment that are precedents, corollaries, analogies and down-right blatant examples of what I think is “experiential marketing.”

I hope you like it. And if you don’t — or have any comments, thoughts and musings to share —  I welcome you to do so on this site or directly with me through maxlenderman@gmail.com / @maxlenderman.

And if you want to learn more about School, please visit us at http://www.schoolhelps.com. Thanks!

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