A friend of mine who teaches at ad school wanted to have his class read Brand New World. Trouble is, the publisher wasn’t able to get 20 copies together. Can you believe that? 20 copies. What utter incompetence!

So then I thought: “Jeez, I should never have published this with Harper Collins Canada. What a dead business model. I can’t believe they pulp books they don’t sell. And then when you need them, they are all sold out. Old school publishing sucks. I should give away my work. It would prove to be a better model.”

And so I am. Do with it what you will.



  1. Adam Mortimer · · Reply

    A great move Max – many will appreciate your lens on the world – keep it coming! Adam Mortimer

    1. many thanks Adam!

  2. […] I had the pleasure of meeting Max when he taught an experiential marketing class at BDW.  Max and the rest of the School team is working out of the Fearless Cottage in Boulder, CO.  For a free copy of one of Max’s books, visit his blog here. […]

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