The Best of SXSWi Is All Experiential

Holy moley, it’s been a while since I posted here. Sorry for the long-absence, but apparently I am still confused as to the modus operandi of writing a blog. But I digress.

The agency and marketer wank-fest know as SXSWi should be renamed SXSWe, because pretty much everything about it is more experiential than interactive.

For instance, all the branding around the festival is wholly experiential. Just check out this article called something like “The 17 Extravagant Ways Big Brands Promoted Themselves at SXSWi” and all 17 of them are experiential.

Then there’s the biggest award handed out at the festival, which went to Chiel Worldwide’s work for a grocery retailer in Korea:

The digital campaign of the year was “Homeplus,” the Cannes Media Grand Prix- winning effort out of Cheil Worldwide that recreated the aisles of the retailer in subway stations. Commuters could snap pictures of the items they wated and the products would be shipped to their homes. That project was also Creativity’s number one interactive effort from 2011.

That’s pretty experiential, too.

And when you start looking at the list of category winners at SXSWi, you begin to clearly see the pattern of experiential and digital creating new ways of storytelling and engagement that is indeed the future of all branded communications.

And a big congrats to @jasonzada, a guy who knows a thing or two about experiential and digital mind-medling. Good one, mate!

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