Ever since high school, I have studied with music playing in the ambient background. That has translated to pleasure reading as well. So this news is pretty cool. Apparently, we will soon have a soundtrack that goes with a book.

In the film versions of “Pride and Prejudice” the music jumps and swells at all the right moments, heightening the tension and romance of that classic Jane Austen novel.

Will it do the same in the e-book edition?

Booktrack, a start-up in New York, is planning to release e-books with soundtracks that play throughout the books, an experimental technology that its founders hope will change the way many novels are read.

Imagine how much more spine-tingling an Edgar Allen Poe story can be with a spooky soundtrack to it, one that morphs and changes with every turned page.

Pretty cool. And wholly experiential.

Here’s the link.

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