When the New York Times conducted a study on the reasons why people share news among each other, a ray of light into marketing may (or may not) have been released. You see, according to this study, the five reasons why we like to share digital content rely more on our humanity than digitization and ease-of-use.

  • Altruism. We share to bring valuable and entertaining content to others. We think about what our friends want to know, and try to help them out.
  • Self-definition. We share to define ourselves to others. Perhaps this notion is better phrased as, “you are what you share.” People consciously shape their online persona by the types of things they share.
  • Empathy. We share to strengthen and nourish our relationships. Sharing shows someone else we’re thinking about them and we care.
  • Connectedness. We share to get credit and feedback for being a good sharer, to feel valuable in the eyes of others.
  • Evangelism. We share to spread the word about a cause or brand we believe in.
In these five reasons we can find how we should approach our marketing disciplines. Most importantly — and if you’ve read Experience the Message or Brand New World, this will sound very familiar — marketing must have an inherent benefit to it. It must be altruistic in some fashion. Not surprisingly, then, it’s a major component of why we want to talk and share information among ourselves. Just like a marketing message.
Get the full study here.

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