Oi Vey! A Yiddish Phone Is An Experience In Itself

We tend to think of experiential marketing as a “physical” activity — events, demos, sampling, retailtainment, etc. Progressive marketers are now building bridges between the physical to the digital — just check out all the Cannes winners this year and last.

But we tend to forget that the product is an experience, too. At CP+B, we always took on creative challenges by starting with the product first and working out. Not the message. Not the brand positioning statement. Not the demo studies. The product. 

That’s why I love this story from Israel. Apparently, there is now a Yiddish phone.

Hundreds of thousands of mobile phones, popularly dubbed kosher because they block access to services frowned upon by ultra-Orthodox rabbis, have been operating in the Jewish state for years. Last month, Israel’s second largest mobile provider, Partner introduced what it hailed as the world’s first Yiddish cell phone, manufactured by Alcatel-Lucent

Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Israeli Accel Telecom which imports and distributes mobile phones to all Israeli operators, had a special team of translators work for months to develop an interface entirely in Yiddish. The language, a mixture of medieval German and Hebrew, was spoken by millions of European Jews for centuries, but it is now used mostly by elderly Jews and in some Orthodox communities.

How cool? How smart! By creating an entirely new interface language, the phones as products are delivering an unparalleled experience. IN being first to market, Alcatel-Lucent has immediately carved out both a market and a message that they understand the needs of their consumers. Great PR. Great buzz. Totally experiential.

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