Enlargement is a really easy but truly effective way for brands and products to create experiences. In other words, make shit big and people will be memorably impressed. But a good experiential campaign gives a reason for the largesse, and contextually connects it to an event or physical location. For instance, this campaign for Mattel:

Mattel is joining forces with an IndyCar sponsor, the Izod apparel brand owned by the Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, for a promotion to be centered on a life-size version of the V-Drop track set, sold as part of the Mattel Hot Wheel line of die-cast toys. A member of Team Hot Wheels — a crew of stunt drivers — will try on May 29 to break the current world record for a distance jump in a four-wheeled vehicle (302 feet) by speeding in a life-sized yellow race car down a ramp that resembles the track included with the set. And just as the V-Drop track set is meant to be hung from a child’s bedroom door, a door 10 stories high, or 100 feet tall, will be built in the infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Just take a look at that track! It’s exactly like the toy one…except so much freakin’ cooler!

And if the experience is unique enough, it is definitely worth some traditional media to support it. (Imagine that! TV supporting experiential and not the other way around.) According to the article:

There are also plans for a 30-minute Hot Wheels television show, to appear after the ABC coverage of the Indianapolis 500, that would offer viewers a chance to watch the stunt along with other experiential versions of Hot Wheels.

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