Found this entry on the excellent Brand Flakes for Breakfast (thanks Ocean!) and it sort of blew my mind, because the possibilities of this idea extending into the brand world are astounding. Check this out:

Ever drive through a desert or wide-open plain and think, man, it would be awesome if Kashmir came on my ipod right now? Or, you’re driving through some city at night, whipping in and out of lanes thinking the Knight Rider theme song would just make this drive EPIC?

Well, Bluebrain, a genius, progressive band out of D.C. apparently had had these same experiences because they created the first album ever that actually changes music based on where you are.

That’s because the album is actually a location aware smartphone app (coming to the iPhone first this Spring). Right now the music change ups are only programmed for various locations within the National Mall in D.C., but now that the technology is out there, the sky is literally the limit. So cool!

I totally agree! Music is a medium that has always evoked a personal experience in the listener. It is, by definition, experiential. But this idea takes personal experience and marries it to personal location to hyper-experientialize (made that word up) the experience. It is beyond place-based messaging. It’s something more…existential…than that.

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