I’ll be totally transparent: I’ve never made it past the three-minute mark on this “interview.” I just have a hard time seeing myself on camera, especially next to a guy who, I think, makes it a point to be the smartest guy in the room. I dig Alex. I give him much respect and applaud his character. I think he’s the tits, even though I don’t really know much about him at all.

And I really dig Rob Schuham — founder Action Marketing Group and UnderCurrent (awesome friggin’ shops), among other things — who makes a “Mr. Roper”-like appearance somewhere in the middle of this sit-down. So in another bit of transparency, I’ll admit that I was relieved when he joined the conversation. We are now friends, so this video is a pleasant memory for me: our first three-way.

It is a total shit-show. And I loved every minute of it. See for yourself.

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