I am so happy to come across this campaign from StrawberryFrog, because if nothing else, it has reinstated my belief in the industry of which I am a part. It has pretty much taken this past day/week/month/year of grinding out brand campaigns and trying to sell ice cream to eskimos and erased all my thoughts of “what the fuck am I doing here?” It has shown me how great we can be.

Here’s the brief description:

The Girl Store is actually dedicated to saving young girls from cycles of sex slavery and underage marriage by acting as an e-commerce website where users can buy impoverished girls the items they need to attain a proper education.

The idea grew from StrawberryFrog’s touching web series, “A Girl Story,” developed for Project Nanhi Kali, which asks for donations to help young Indian girls escape a life of second-class citizenship.

StrawberryFrog is launching a physical location of The Girl Store in Manhattan this Thursday.

What do you think? I’m blown away. Now, it’s time for a drink or ten. This work deserves a toast. Here’s the link to the site.

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  1. Hmm, where’s the link to this store?

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