Here’s another example of experiential campaigns being concoted in order to create compelling content. This time, it comes from over the pond for English tea brand Yorkshire.

The brand, owned by Taylors of Harrogate, has sent a group of staff on a US road trip to meet British expats yearning for a ‘proper’ cup of tea.

The group will travel from Los Angeles to New York City in a branded sampling van called ‘Little Urn’.

The campaign marks a radical shift in strategy for the brand, which in the past has used Aardman Animation’s Wallace and Gromit characters and Graham Fellows’ comic creation John Shuttleworth in its advertising.

The first road-trip ad, a 60-second spot scheduled to air during Coronation Street on ITV1 next month, will feature the former frontman of 80s pop group Bros, Matt Goss, preparing for a show in Las Vegas.

Other expats taking part include Rochelle Peachy, founder of iloveyouraccent.com, a dating website aimed at pairing up Britons and Americans.

Other participants include a group of bikers, and traders on Wall Street.

In addition to its planned stops, the sampling van will visit places suggested by foll-owers of a campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

The ads, which will use the strapline ‘Let’s have a proper brew’, are scheduled to air within 12 days of being filmed.

That’s pretty cool! From live experience to canned spot in 12 days. So when is a brand going to get the chutzpah to go live with a 30-second experience?


  1. A great example of a British brand daring to make a sampling activity truly experiential!
    This might be of interest – looking at the application of strategy to sampling to truly engage with consumers… http://bit.ly/hXCkWh
    Let us know your thoughts!

  2. look around…we are the original content creators. while the traditional & digital guys are stabbing themselevs w sporks over briefs asking for “a viral campaign”…we’ve been creating viral content for years. say it and spray it.

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