Sony has rolled out a live scavenger hunt to promote its game title Gran Turismo 5 "in which 12 teams of two participated, ending in an all-out party where the winning team was announced. Dedicated gamers ran around the city, searching for Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Audis and Teslas at historic locations like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Painted Ladies Houses."

But here is the true gist of this story:

After years of scampering for social-media dominance, digital-marketing dominance and online status, the signal-to-noise ratio is so high, marketers are forced to put on real-life events to get the attention of that monumentally important audience of men between the ages of 18 to 35….So there you have it. The latest in digital marketing? Real-world events.

Forced to put on real-life events? Forced to? Really? Sure, there's a bit of old school arrogance from Ad Age editors. But not once have I ever encountered a client that was "forced to" create experiential campaigns. But maybe that's changing. Just maybe.

One comment

  1. Hey Boss,
    Of course none of this is new.:) the only thing that is new is that the trade pubs are going to be covering more live brand experiences than ever before. i’ve been talking to awards shows etc. that are building new categories ……get used to it…….things feel nice in the driver’s seat!
    That’s where the money is going – the smart money

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