The experience may make advertising authentic again.

I've been harping lately that the future of our industry is found in the bridges we build between digital and physical experiences. Take, for instance, this freakin' awesome experience / stunt for Mitsubishi from 180 LA.

But I've also been noticing that experiential campaigns are now being filmed and edited to be used as TV commercials. Is experiential marketing become an increasingly-used component of traditional ad shops who need to show authentic customer experiences? Seems that way.

How about the latest spots for Hyundai? It's a bunch of test-drives (the ultimate experiential campaign for the car industry) edited together into a spot.


Or the spots for Dominos? A bunch of real-life experiential tactics caught on camera and packaged as a series of commercials.


[Full disclosure: I work for CP+B, which created the Dominos campaign.]

But what gives? Is traditional becoming dependent on experiential, as much as digital is? Maybe. Just maybe.

 Isn't it time that commercials begin to portray authentic customer experiences, instead of glorified and often untruthful product attributes? I think so.


  1. The marketing landscape has changed and authenticity is now key. Real customers sharing their stories is the best way for a brand to show how it’s offerings help make the lives of their customers better. I really enjoy the way Toyota has been doing this with their recent Auto-Biography campaign which is an integration of experiential, traditional, digital, and social.

  2. I can see the power of experiential but does it lose something when translated to the screen? How do we know that those people behind the wheel in the Hyundai commercials aren’t paid actors?
    Of the three examples, the Mitsubishi spot comes the closest to mass producing personal experiences.

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