Jay-Z and BING Get OuterActive

The future of advertising will be played on bridges — real and virtual — that exist between the online world and the real world we all live in.

For instance, a campaing launched by visionary shop Droga5 for rapper heavyweight Jay-Z is a perfect augur to things to come:Capture1

An online and real-world scavenger hunt begins in New York and other locales mentioned in the lyric book/memoir "Decoded."

The way it works is, entire pages of the book will be reprinted on traditional advertising spaces like billboards, but they’ll also appear in rare, hard to find spots like the bottom of a hotel swimming pool, the lining of jackets in a store window, the felt of pool tables in a pool hall and plates in a restaurant, among others. They’ll continue to pop up in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans and London until the book is released on November 16.

On the web, the home base is Bing.com/Jay-Z. There, a map appears, and users are prompted to enter answers to a series of clue-like statements, each answer drawing the user closer to revealing the location of the printed lyrics. Once discovered, users can stake their claim.0,1425,sz=1&i=237503,00

In the real world, users can send a text message that includes a code printed on the page to announce they’ve discovered the lyrics. The first scavengers to discover where the pages are printed become eligible to win a signed copy of "Decoded" and the grand prize, a trip to see Jay-Z and Coldplay in concert in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve.

This is experiential as it gets, folks. A good explanation is here.

Advertising is used to create a deeper engagement with the campaign, not just to communicate that a campaign for the album exists.

The lyrics become advertisements, blurring the line between art and commerce in a more positive direction than merely "selling out."

And involvement with the campaign flows seamlessly from the digital to the physical.

Lovely. Just lovely.

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  1. […] Grand Prix Lion was awarded to Droga5 for it’s Bing campaign with Jay-Z. I wrote about it here on this blog when it first came out. I gushed, actually. Totally fell in love with the grandeur of […]

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