Great article in Ad Age today about the Hyundai Uncensored road show, which "aims to turn locals into Hyundai fans by putting them behind the wheel of a Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry or Honda Accord, taking them through their paces with a course consisting of hairpin turns, evasive maneuvers, high-speed straightaways and conditions that mimic icy roads."

8-hyundai03-090610What I love about this article is how it shows the grind and grittiness of running experiential campaigns. Unlike a TV spot, for instance — where a few days of production and a few weeks of post gets you a campaign and you can wash your hands of it — an experiential campaign is always in flux.

And more importantly, the idea behind the tour is pretty cool: making all your test drives in one place, and letting people compare the car brands for themselves without the marketing hoopla. According to Monique Morin Kumpis, Hyundai's manager-experiential marketing and strategic alliances:

"Ad campaigns tell a story but there's nothing there for a consumer to touch and feel," she said. "The key is letting consumers draw their own conclusions but to do that they need to have the Hyundai experience. This is beyond tents and cones. With everything they can do here it becomes an experience and the more we can get them driving our cars and telling their friends about us, the better." Ms. Kumpis said she has seen consumers, at other tour stops, jump out of Sonatas and claim they were going to purchase one that very day.

While that didn't happen on this day, at least not in the first few hours of the event, it was clear that the experience had significantly shifted the mindset of some of those in attendance.

Nice job, Jack Morton.

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  1. Good, but not an original idea. This was done by Ford in Barcelona in 2008 by Imagination. A 30-day long event put thousands of people from all over Europe through Fiesta and all competitors vehicles, switching languages and cultures to match and receiving and analysing feedback in real-time. Same agency did the Zoom-Zoom challenge for Mazda in conjunction with the British motor show. They say imitation’s the best form of flattery!

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