Sorry for my dereliction of blog duties. Work at CP+B has been hectic, and I've been to more than a few conferences lately talking about the Brand New World that awaits us all.

I've been meaning to post this campaign for a while. My friend Shiri Tov from Israel's premiere experiential shop called Promarket send me an email telling me of a really cool campaign they are doing for Coca-Cola Israel.

In the last three years, Coca-Cola Israel created the best summer vacation for teens – a summer camp called The Coca-Cola Village. Israeli teens spend most of their time on Facebook, so Coca-Cola and Promarket provided the visitors of Coca-Cola Village the opportunity to share their experiences via Facebook with the help of special bracelets which transmit an RFID signal.

Through these devices they can put a digital ‘like’ on virtually everything in the village, starting from the pool, the spa, the extreme activities and sport section. There are forty facilities all across the area, which are waiting for each of the guests to express their ‘affection’ by putting the bracelet to the readable RFID device.

How cool is that? A live experience shared digitally to friends throughout the world. On the spot. In real-time.

Seriously folks: steal this idea! Thanks Shiri and Promarket for showing us the way forward.


One comment

  1. Great, wonderful idea. Has a MickeyD feel to it; engaging youth. Great promo for the beverage company.

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