Well, sort of. Here's what he said about our chat together on his show FearLess Q&A:

"I spend an hour interviewing these guys and I learned a whole lot about poop and marijuana. There seems to be a strong connection between experiential marketing and good shit. This episode is half show and half blooper reel."

How can I not be flattered?


One comment

  1. Your name has come up twice today, so I wanted to check you out. It was great to hear your POV. I’m an executive coach and co-curator/producer of TEDxAustin that comes from the advertising world. I now coach people in the biz as well as entrepreneurs. I’m a big fan of experiential marketing, and it’s great to see agencies starting to acknowledge and utilize that aspect of the business. As everything changes and evolves and becomes more messy and blurred (less B&W and starting and ending like you mentioned at the end), the relational versus transactional approach allows for trust to be built, strategies to be implemented, and for magic to happen. Old ways of doing things must evolve, and like Alex said, no one can do everything. That’s why the quality of relationship with your clients, customers, and partners is so essential to producing great work. Like I always say- it’s the basics that are simple, just not always easy. I’m looking forward to hearing more of you! And, if you make your way to Austin, give a shout out!

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