0_285_427_http___offlinehbpl_hbpl_co_uk_News_OKM_1BCFE5D4-913C-9C5F-36F6E9A32283DE68 Thanks to a heads-up from Keith McIntyre, UK's Marketing is reporting that "Nissan is shifting its communications strategy away from traditional advertising, towards a greater emphasis on experiential marketing….

It follows the marque's decision to become the official automotive partner of The O2, replacing BMW, and the announcement that it is to set up an interactive brand centre at the East London venue.

Speaking exclusively to Marketing, Nissan GB managing director Paul Willcox questioned the effectiveness of conventional advertising as a way of engaging potential customers.

He said: "Obviously there is still a requirement for traditional media, but we will continue to shift our spending to deliver results most efficiently. It is about actively, rather than passively, engaging with consumers."

In other motor news, here's a pretty quick rundown of a Harley-Davidson launch in Event Marketer Magazine.

PS: Here's a column of mine in Boards Magazine, too. (Had to sneak that it, eh?)

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