Why is it experiential? Because those who use the packaging will know the story of why it exists. And how it helps the world.


  1. Max, thank you for the lead on this cool experience to change the way we purchase our shoes.
    If you were privy to the info and data, can you please share it through your writings or blog. I would love to read the insights from Yves.

  2. Puma was highly creative with this new packaging design. We will see more of this in the future. Contract Packaging providers will be working with designers to create more innovative packaging that not only looks cool but also is more sustainable. It is going to be exciting in the next few years as packaging providers begin to see more opportunities to innovate.

  3. But… it’s still a box (albeit ‘in a bag’) and still uses cardboard! Am I missing something here? Those ‘bags’ aren’t exactly environmentally friendly either. I like the design and the campaign, I like Puma too, but what they’ve come up with doesn’t pair too well with how they’re selling the idea.

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