"Developing an intimate understanding of the local market and targeting it creatively has earned Kit Kat the position of number one confectionery brand in Japan," according to this article on Springwise. Nestle's popular candy brand decided that local meant going really local.

Nestlé recently launched 19 new Kit Kat flavours in Japan that reflect food specialities of specific districts. Each flavour is sold exclusively in the region for which it was created, making the limited edition Kit Kats popular souvenirs for travellers.

Nineteen new flavors! Only available in the places that inspired them! Brilliant! Doesn't this make each flavor an experiential extension of the the master Kit Kat brand?

Check out the Japanese site here.


  1. Excellent extension of Experiential touch-points. Nestle Delivered brand value to its “core user” of those regions. The increase value comes in the form of those non-users who are brought into the mindset through the five senses of Experiential. The 19 Kit Kat flavors that were created deliver the senses that drove the demand of non-users of Kit Kat to the brand. Keeping a razor sharp focus, Kit Kat deliver on its promise to those core users of that particular region on how they embrace Kit Kat through their own experience of taste, and smell to create an overwhelming success for the brand and at the cash register. Brilliantly executed….

  2. This is super idea in a world where increasingly same products / brands are available everywhere. Adaptable to non-food products too.

  3. My brother in law works in Japan – I asked him about Kitkat, sweet milk tea is all the rage there. He’s not that keen on it, but says he will send me a few bars.

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