One of the reasons that I joined Crispin Porter + Bogusky is because it is a traditional ad shop that has wholly adopted the digital medium as its main focus, using social media to drive campaigns rather than the other way around. I am a fervent believer that the future of experiential marketing lies with its marriage to digital tools. After all, the tools in our pockets aren't tiny TV screens; they are tools for action. And action after experience is the best action of all.

So its cool to see this article in Adweek pointing out how digital mediums are reshaping the way marketers are connecting with their consumers to drive action.

The Skittles campaign is part of a shift in digital away from users merely sitting in front of computer screens to using new digital tools to affect behavior in the physical world. The growing sophistication of smartphones is driving the creation of these location-based services, which promise to morph the Web from a solitary experience to a ubiquitous connector in the real world.

This evolution has major implications for brands, giving them the possibility of tracking the success of digital campaigns to the store level and changing how they market to consumers.


  1. Max I totally agree. For me there are only two channels that really matter now – Digital and Live. Combining those two effectively is how you get the depth of engagement and the amplification necessary to make consumer engagement really pay.
    Digitally Live is a mantra we’ve worked to for many years at Smartfusion and we’ve been lucky enough with clients like Nokia and adidas to have had the opportunity to prove that this really is the magic code!
    Check out :

  2. Max, your right on. My previous employer Red Bull, has been utilizing these tactics since 2000. Having been a practitioner and doer of Digital campaigns coming live in the City of choice for a particular call-to-action activity. Your right on, this is the new medium, which many forward thinking brands handle in-house. In my humble opinion, having an agency handle these occurrences on behalf of a brand, takes away from the authenticity of the call-to-action of its user base. Successful digital to live or as we call it at Red Bull call-to-action, must have that voice of authenticity between the dialogue of the brand call-to-action message to its users. Agencies in my part, are very much disingenuous and at times not in-tune with the current user base of the brand……

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