This just in from Ad Age:

Instead of simply throwing a poolside beer party, Argentine agency Santo and its client Isenbeck decided to host a summer celebration last week where lucky contest winners would swim in a hotel pool full of Isenbeck beer.

There's no law against swimming in beer, but the Argentine government nixed the idea, claiming the "Pileta de Cerveza" ("Pool of Beer") ad campaign and the plunge into a pool brimming with brew would encourage irresponsible drinking.

I love it! Ballsy and very fun. Simple. Contextual. Great PR. Makes the client famous among its (hard) core audience. Who wouldn't want a campaign like that?

Santo began running an enticing spot in late November showing a young man who strips, climbs a tall ladder and does a cannonball dive into a pool full of beer as his admiring friends watch and sip from Isenbeck bottles. The spot announces the fiesta and the pool filled with beer instead of water, and invites people to enter to win a chance to cavort in the pool with five of their friends on Jan. 9 in Mar del Plata, Argentina's most popular beach resort.

More than 4,100 people entered before the campaign was stopped.

Here's the spot. Pretty much promises what you get. I like that in a spot for a promotion. That's the right approach: show it, don't tell it.




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