In Brand New World, I stated what I think to be the obvious: because the world is mostly poor and still an emerging marketplace, we here in the Western hemisphere will have to adapt and adopt the thinking, proclivities, experiences and actions of the so-called Third World.

So how about this, from PSFK:

In an effort to bolster its social enterprise credentials, Adidas is planning to make “1 Euro Shoes” for people who can’t afford shoes. The project was suggested to Adidas by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and will begin pilot production in his home country of Bangladesh next year. The project will also create jobs for local Bangladeshis.

Adidas has agreed to make the shoes on a non-profit basis, selling them at no more than the cost of manufacturing. However, much like the vaunted 100 dollar computer, the final sale price may come in slightly higher than its project name. The other manufacturing question is whether or not  the shoes will be unbranded or include Adidas’ iconic three stripes.

Why in the world would you unbrand the coolest shoe in the world?

One comment

  1. shanecobain · · Reply

    They just need a Run DMC endorsement…
    Quite cool for both D and D&E audiences. D&E will appreciate the western product/influence while the brand gets to grow its footprint (pun marginally intended). They can always upsell once they establish themselves. HUGE market potential.
    For D market- it gives more progressive consumers the joy and knowledge of being associated with this cause brand.

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