Sorry for the delayed posts. IN honor of my scattered itineraries and ridiculous schedules, I'm using this post to throw a bunch of articles your way that should get the brain synapses sparking again. Hopefully.

From Ad Age, this article explores the gold standard of customer loyalty programming that Harrah's Casinos are deploying. I wrote about Harrah's in my first book, and other than the Ritz-Carleton this chain is truly at the forefront of delivering unparalleled customer experiences in the guise of a loyalty program.

Forward-thinking fashion retailers are using experiential marketing as an instrumental tactic in their marketing arsenal. This article about Mark's Work Warehouse is a great example of using experiential marketing to allow consumers to test out their clothes. Nice idea!

According to this article, the UK has become the first major economy where advertisers spend more on internet advertising than on television advertising, with a record £1.75bn online spend in the first six months of the year.

An article on how to build an app for your brand is here. Here's another article on apps from the NYT. Hey, apps are the hot mot du jour.

The latest pop-up concept from Vacant — who arguably started the whole enchilada — is explained here.

Enjoy the reading!!!!

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