It must be awesome to have a client/agency relationship that Gigunda enjoys with P&G. Together, they are leading the great thinking in creating relevant, memorable and totally contextual brand experience.

Take Potty-Palooza, for instance. A public bathroom in Times Square brought to you by Charmin. Genius.

Or the Tide Clean Start program. Absolutely inspired (and inspiring) work.

The types of experiences that P&G is infusing their brand marketing with is truly revolutionary for a marketer — like franchising Mr. Clean car washes, for instance. And the ideas that an agency like New Hampshire-based Gigunda is delivering are at the vanguard of that revolution.

So kudos to Ryan FitzSimmons, founder and chief executive of Gigunda, for opening a store/experience place for kids called Make-A_Messterpiece, where kids create art and crafts while getting dirty. So is it any surprise that this experience is "sponsored" by Bounty.

According to a Reuters newspiece:

The studio is the first of possibly hundreds of facilities that would allow Bounty to test new experiential marketing and support its advertising campaign that encourages simple, if messy, pleasures like sleepover parties.

While P&G doesn't own the 15,000 square foot studio in an upscale shopping district north of Chicago, the household goods manufacturer collaborated on planning and the Bounty logo and products are prominently featured.

Great work. Great idea. Welcome to the brand new world of brand experience.


  1. I was at the Make-A-Messterpiece studio. It was one of those “why didn’t I think of it” moments. It’s great to see good experientail stuff gaining steam.

  2. I don’t disagree with you but would also add that it takes a little luck as well. First an agency must be fortunate enough to find that client who is open to innovative solutions. Second, where innovative ideas like the ones you mentioned, are truly the solutions to the brand challenges and objectives.
    Gigunda Group does in fact produce great award winning work and their attention to detail is commendable.
    Beloved Experiential

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