06252009_50trailers-thumb-290xauto-7701Bear with me as I stumble through this analogy. Imagine a brand's entire marketing mix — ATL, PR, retail, digital, etc. — as a feature film. (How many times have you heard that branding is all about telling stories?) It's a long and artfully crafted narrative that uses a number of techniques to create a memorable impression and resonant empathetic attachment to the story.

Here's the dubious analogy: if a brand's marketing mix is the movie, then the brand's experiential footprint is the movie's trailer. Experiential efforts seek to distill the brand's essence — established through its marketing mix — into a freakin' cool 3-minute montage that shows the best parts of the movie but leaves the cliffhanger intact.

In honor of this tenuous postulation, allow me to pass on IFC's Top 50 Movie Trailers to you. There is a lot to learn about marketing (and its evolution) from a movie's trailer, which is quite experiential in nature and easily the best way to get a consumer's interest in one movie about countless others.

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