If there is any lingering doubt that we are in the midst of fundamental transformations in the advertising and marketing industries, just read the beginning of this press release from June 30th:

CANNES, France, June 30 /PRNewswire/ — DDB Brazil and Tribal DDB Worldwide took home top honors at the 2009 International Advertising Festival at Cannes.
DDB Brazil was recognized as Agency of the Year, while Tribal DDB in Amsterdam was awarded the Film Grand Prix for the Philips interactive film "Carousel," an award that Advertising Age called "a clear admission the age of interruption is over" and that the festival said recognized work being done on all screens, not simply television. To see the work click here:

Also winning at Cannes was DDB&Co. Istanbul, which was the No. 3 ranked agency in the world, clearly bringing to life the DDB network mantra that great creative work can and does come from anywhere around the globe.

There's an entire chapter in my latest book about the burgeoning "phenomenon" of sourcing creativity from across the globe. I guess the old guard at Cannes woke up to that reality this year for the first time.

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