Want to know the future of advertising and marketing? Just listen to the last sentence in this video: “they didn’t advertise to people; they put people in it.”


  1. Paul Charlesbois · · Reply

    Brilliant!!! To come to an insight like that was one thing, but to turn theatre, which is experiential as is, into something that was even larger… AWESOME! This is how marketing communications need to evolve.
    Great post Max – and congrats on the Effie.

  2. juan Pablo · · Reply

    If this is the new way.
    What is going to happen with the old one?..

  3. shanecobain · · Reply

    Is this really the future, or more just a specific tactic within “live” experiential (and well done in this case for the venue/medium)? I would opine that UGC and other tactics have dominated this space in resent years ‘putting in other people’. The suggestion that purely live experiential may be the evolution of this could be valid though (and amplified appropriately via social networking). I will ponder… Thank you for the provocative post though.

  4. Great post; example of creativity, consumer empowerment and a controlled exercise in “losing control…”

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