Snapshot 2009-05-25 20-35-26 So I get this in my email, and I think to myself: is this cool or pandering. It takes me about 10 seconds to decide that it's cool: Apple wants to show my kids a good time. And I think to myself: maybe Apple knows something about raising kids that I don't know. Hell, I'm still learning Garage Band. So yeah, Apple, maybe I will send my kids into your store. Thanks for the offer.

And then the big thought occurs: Imagine if this email came from Microsoft. Creepy, right? My kids at a Microsoft camp? No fucking way.

And there, my friends, is the difference between the two brands. There is the notion of brand trust and respect. The idea that an experience with a brand can extend far beyond a transaction. The concept that a brand based on experiential engagement with its customers can roll out an extension like a summer camp for kids called Apple Camp — well folks, that's just the difference between a brand of the future and a brand of the present.

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