51SOCz-MoRL._SL500_AA240_ Brand New World has now been published in Canada and will soon be (hopefully) available in the US and across the world.

For anyone wishing to get a copy (or copies!!!!!), you can find it on, Chapters.Indigo, and Concordia University Bookstore, or at any major bookstore in Canada.

I'm proud of this work, and I would be honored, humbled and excited for readers of this blog to review it and rate it for others on the sites where it's available.

Or feel free to reach out to me privately for suggestions and critiques. I will apply them to future work. You know how to reach me.

Thank you in advance!!!!!!



  1. Congrats on the book – I will definitely be purchasing it.

  2. I can’t wait to read it. Congrats.

  3. Great Max,
    It will be honored to add it to the library!

  4. Is this the book you were writing when we meet in São Paulo? 🙂

  5. Shane Cobain · · Reply

    Great comments on Amazon. Well deserved!!

  6. Hey not available in the UK! Get it over here please.

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