Although this article talks about consumer opinion about products and services, I couldn't read it without thinking that it applies to the relationship between agency and client:

"Value" is today's ubiquitous marketing cry, but pinning down what constitutes value from the consumer's perspective is the real challenge.

According to Mintel Senior Research Analyst Marcia Mogelonsky, the keys to influencing consumers now lie in understanding how they're coping with the "new normal" environment created by the recession and the brand attributes that underlie a perception of value: quality, creativity and trust.

Maybe that's why QuakerOats, according to this article, is making brand trust paramount in its marketing:

With more than a dozen lines of products using its name, Quaker Oats Company–itself a division of PepsiCo–is uniting all of its products under one tagline, with an image of the iconic Quaker Man image to back it up.

The effort–which begins in earnest on March 16 with television, print, online and out-of-home advertising–is the first time that all of the products have been united under a single tagline in the company's 130-year history. The tagline "Go humans go" is intended to evoke the oats as a "super grain" that helps power people's minds and bodies.

And in the meantime, Apple keeps shuffling along.

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