I love the attitude of this story and the brand. I love how ballsy it is. 2725

Red Bull, with some assistance from Oakley, has just built a secret half-pipe on the backside of Silverton Mountain in Colorado for snowboarder Shaun White’s training purposes. The area can only be accessed by snowmobile or helicopter and is said to be closed off to the public. The price tag was $500,000, and it looks like it was worth every penny.

You see, that's how a brand leader acts. It does so without hesitation, without a need for justification and without the fear of middle-management blow-back. This is how you grow brand love. Any kid who has dreams of stardom — especially as a snowboarder or skater — will now dream of that stardom in the context of Red Bull and how the brand acts towards its stars and brand ambassadors.

Kudos, Red Bull. You are teaching us so much.

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