Rarely do I agree with articles in Ad Age, and rarer still do I agree with the old guard like Al Reis. But his latest column in the venerable ad bible is worth a read. In essence, Al says, "left-brain management will never understand right-brain marketing." Filled with old-time anecdotes and spot-on observations, Al does not disappoint in this one.

At one of his first meetings at IBM, Lou Gerstner was listening to a briefing by one of his lieutenants, who was using an overhead projector and transparencies. On the second transparency, Mr. Gerstner reached over, switched off the projector and said, "Let's just talk about your business."

Management is verbal and analytical. Yet most marketing presentations are visual and emotional. They sell creativity when they should be selling logic.

Nice one. There are plenty more. But more true to the article is the notion that right-brain thinking is a must for successful marketing. I touch on this subject a bit in Brand New World when discussing the marketing and advertising coming out of India. The role of right-brain empathy is becoming instrumental in creating global campaigns and global brands.

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