I just think this is so cool. Art meets gameplay meets iPhone.

I suppose all iPhone apps are experiential in some way, but this type of execution is the tip of the proverbial iceberg in terms of how deep and engaging those app experiences could become.


  1. Paul charlebois · · Reply

    Hi Max,
    Just checking in on the blog from my iTelephone and think the last couple posts were interesting. I think the iPhone is opening more experiential marketing doors than anything that has been introduced in ages. With an ever growing repetoire of apps and its seemingly endless interactive possibilities, I am chomping at the bit to start using the technology to engage people! Truly exciting.

  2. Kinda creepy. Does show the possibilities that experiential marketing apps. will be making in the very near future.
    Think of the way this can be utilized in the entertainment field with being able to have some sort of experiential engagement with artists in bands, actors, celebs athletes etc. Shaking up Mike Tyson and Brock Lesnar would be fun.

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