I had heard of a bunch of metal-heads in an Eastern European country had wired up a junk yard with speakers and would invite their fellow head-bangers to come over and smash shit up while listening to deafening speed metal. It seemed like a most beautiful and sublime idea to me, an idea that could probably be monetized but more importantly an idea that was experiential at heart and intent.

So its no surprise that Sarah's Smash Shack has opened up its doors. According to Iconoculture:

  • What some might call a cheaper alternative to the therapist's couch, the Break Room at Sarah's Smash Shack in San Diego lets frustrated folk vent by hurling glassware and dishes, for as little as $12.
  • Marketed as a cathartic good time, the Smash Shack provides breakables, a safe and sound-proof room and protective gear. Smashers are encouraged to bring their MP3 player to heighten the experience (may we suggest Smashing Pumpkins?).
  • Sarah's Smash Shack offers discounts to police, fire, military, students and seniors. Shards are donated for art projects, or for $10, they'll box up your spent bits as a momento.

That's pretty cool. Of course, Greek restaurants in Montreal have been offering a little bit of therapy themselves, as a dinner is usually completed with a stack of dishes that are thrown against the wall.

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