According to an article in Adweek:

As in past years, Reardon Smith Whittaker, a consultancy that coaches agencies on new business development, focused on why clients seek new agencies, what they look for and how satisfied they are with the results.

The top-ranked reasons the respondents cited for launching reviews were unhappiness with their agency's thinking (46 percent), followed by dissatisfaction with creative work (40 percent) and not being proactive enough (38 percent).

The execs had mixed feelings about agency searches. They find the process to be time-consuming (42 percent) and 28 percent agree that "you're told so many things that you're not sure what to believe," yet 37 percent said reviews were "exciting" and 22 percent "look forward to it."

As for the tactics they're most interested in, the respondents pointed to online marketing (69 percent), buzz marketing (58 percent), experiential efforts (53 percent), search engine marketing (52 percent) and mobile marketing (25 percent).

The rise of experiential marketing isn't news at all. Nor is the fact that more clients are asking for experience-based thinking to be presented in creative pitches and reviews. What's interesting is that the philosophy — if not strictly the methodology — is taking a rightful place alongside the "new" mechanisms and engagement points like online, buzz and mobile marketing (which are experiential in nature anyway).

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