Howdy! My speaking agent has posted my updated page with the new book's subject (Brand New World) as well as my first book (Experience the Message). Check it our here!

And just a reminder: Brand New World will be published in March 2009. Hit me up on email or in comments to see how you can get an advance copy from HarperCollins.

Note: The above cover and subtitle is not final!!!!!!


  1. Advanced copy info please!

  2. Paul Charlebois · · Reply

    Looking forward to reading about your travels.

  3. Hey Max,
    Thanks again for coming by for a talk at DDB in Vancouver. I’d be very interested in an advanced copy.

  4. Yo Max –
    Hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather up in Chicago this time of year. Been hyping up the book down in Austin with my peeps and can’t wait to read it. Would love an advanced copy.

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