Many of you have already heard of the Improv Everywhere stunts for flash mobs. They are exceptionally well-conceived and executed, and have done some very heavy lifting in getting the concept of a flash mob onto the radar screens of marketers and advertisers alike.

But Improv Everywhere’s latest prank is a beautiful piece of performance art that’s entertaining and also ends up brightening stranger’s days. The stunt was called “Welcome Back” and was created for the “In An Absolut World” website. 20 Improv everywhere agents showed up at JFK airport to welcome back random strangers from their flights. The looks on people’s faces are priceless, as they come off the plane to a huge group of strangers welcoming them back with balloons, signs and flowers.

Unlike other stunts, this one is inherently human. It has an element of benevolence and empathy baked into it that truly makes it experiential. This flash mob isn’t just eye candy or performance art. It can truly transform a person. And for this, I commend it exuberantly.

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    To spread and receive messages concerning all flash mob events, initiators and flashmobbers use a global flash mob database.

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