A short blurb on PSFK presents a new advertising medium: fruit. It seems Chinese farmers have discovered how to grow a logo on fruit. Yippee!


A friend of PSFK recently sent us some pictures of a designer fruit made in Dongguan, China. The premise seems to be a marketing sticker applied at some point during development enabling the unique on-fruit design. The clearly customizable logo opens up a world of food branding possibilities. We can’t wait to take a bite out of the Chiquita banana woman.

How many marketers in the US do you think are salivating at the prospect of their faltering logos grown into millions of peaches? Too many, I’m afraid. Way too many.

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  1. Adnan Shekhani · · Reply

    Hi Max,
    Amazing blog, interesting idea you have for fruit branding. I would like to add to your blog that i work for an experiential marketing agency in Pakistan. One of our clients “Habib Foods” makers of food spices wanted to market to the SEC A area in Karachi, Pakistan. I was responsible for coming up with an idea to reach around 10% of Karachi’s population with 0 budget. A guerilla approach is waht i adopted. Client wanted its message to be delivered in the Posh area of Karachi i.e. Defence. Idea was simple waht do people need to cook? vegetables, meat etc. Vegetables go in every possible dish. The idea was to put small stickers with “Habib Foods Available Now” written on each and every potato, tomato and cucumber as these are the most bought vegetables. The vegetable stalls/carts in sunday bazar (a weekly bazar for grocery shopping where the entire defence shops) were given a fresh look by cleaning all the vegetables (here clean vegetable is not sold but directly from the bulk bag) stickers were placed and this attracted attention immediately and made heads turn and stay locked for a while and then a smile and vegetable in the bag and brand in the mind 🙂
    The cost for this one day guerilla approach was only $1,000 (One thousand dollars) target approximately 5000 consumers.

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