This is simply a great idea!

A mobile phone operator in South Korea is offering users a new service that claims to repel mosquitoes.

From Monday, subscribers to SK Telecom Company will be able to download a sound wave that humans cannot hear, but that annoys mosquitoes within a range of one metre (one yard).


For the fee of $2.5, customers can then play the sound by pressing a few keys on their phones.

The mobile phone emits a noise similar to the buzz of a male mosquito, which the blood-sucking females tend to avoid.

Although it uses handset battery power faster, the service is expected to be very popular during Korea’s hot, humid summers.

The firm, the country’s largest, has 17 million subscribers and controls just over half of the South Korean domestic market.

The biggest explosion in mobile phone sales comes from the Third World. The Third World is still plagued by millions of deaths caused by malaria. Imagine if this “service” comes preloaded on the phones sold in Chad, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Ghana or Cambodia! A cell phone can save millions of lives!!!!

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