I’m stumped. I can’t pick a title for a book. So I need your help. Anyone. Please. Anyone?

Here is a very rough-draft description for the work, which will be published by HarperCollins Canada in early 2009:

Freakonomics meets The World Is Flat. A rogue adman uncovers the essential lessons of a hyper-marketing world

To get around a ban on alcohol advertising, a Russian oligarch starts a bank with the same name as his premium bestselling vodka. Russian Standard is still the #1 vodka and is now the largest consumer bank, issuing 77 percent of credit cards in the country. Silk Street market, the epicenter of piracy and counterfeiting in China, launches its own brand. In a press release, the new company announces that anyone using their brand outside their market will be held liable. A Thai company reaches millions of consumers by installing combs in the tangled wires above the streets of Bangkok to promote their hair-care products.
It is a brand new world, where marketing is taking on incredible new forms, especially in the hyper-developing “BRIC” countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China. The almost unimaginable economic growth in these nations is revolutionizing marketing throughout the world. Drawing from over two years of extensive travel and research, award-winning creative director Max Lenderman, shares groundbreaking marketing strategies and business models that every savvy marketer and business visionary needs to understand.
Brisk, fascinating, and a little shocking, Brave New World is both a window and a mirror, an indispensable guide for the new era of global marketing.

Okay, so that’s the write-up. Now, here are some title choices. Does anything pop for you? Respond with comments or hit me by email at maxlenderman@gmail.com. And most of all, THANKS!!!!

Here are the prospects:

Paupers, Pirates and Oligarchs: A Maverick Ad Man Uncovers the Global Hyper Market
Hyper: The Future of Marketing As We Know It
Brandistan: The Revolutionary Rise of the Emergent Consumer
Pardon the Eruption: A Maverick Ad man Uncovers the Hyper Market
Another BRIC at the Mall: How the Hyper Market Explains the New World

One comment

  1. more trumpish title like art of the deal. maybe tweak number 2 a little bit -“the future of hyper marketing in a global market place.”
    you want to get as many buzz word hits on google remember? you can test 3 or 4 variations and see which gets the most hits. adwords maybe. refer to that four hr work week book i sent you awhile ago. there is a whole chapter on chosing a domain name etc.
    have you read either of ian mc donald’s books? brasyl, river of gods. that’s where the future is at baby. Jbone

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