In my research for the next book, concerning marketing and innovation in BRIC countries, I have been struck by the importance of the mobile handset for not only commercial purposes but existential ones as well.


The so-called third screen is alive and well in countries at the bottom of the pyramid. And its use in countries like Ghana, India and Uzbekistan will be the primary roadmap for future products and services that we will soon be buying.

But the cellphone is also something more. It is a tool to not only communicate and connect. It is a tool to engage. This story in the New York Times Magazine is a must-read. Enjoy.

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  1. Hey,
    I also came across that story from futurelabs “Playing With Fire: On the domestication of the mobile phone among Palestinian teenage girls in Israel. “[The paper] examines how the mobile phone alters social dynamics, relationships, and the construction of gender in Palestine. In short, they document how culturally specific gendered practices (not technological features) frame the meaning and value of technology.”
    Hope you like it.
    Great blog btw. You got me into experiential marketing in 2005 and I haven’t stop reading since then!

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