This is why I got in this game. This is why I am proud to be an experiential marketer. When I first learned of this campaign, I actually shed a tear. Amazing stuff. I am so indebted to Ryan at Gigunda Group for creating this “campaign,” in that not only has he and his team created something compelling and extraordinary, he has actually changed the world around us…for the better.

I am moved beyond description every time I see this. I just presented the clip at a conference in Sydney, and I could literally feel the hearts and minds of the audience metaphorically sigh in empathy and sublime appreciation for being human.


  1. touching. this is what ‘real’ CSR should be!

  2. Darryl Buckle · · Reply

    Bravo. As much as i love experiential marketing for the impact of an experience, much of what i see amounts to little more than a cleaver stunt to allow people to experience the product. Here is a company that offered more than an experience, they offered a hand up to some people in profound need.
    As much as my generation is suspicious of mass media marketing, we are just as suspicious of the big corporations doing it. It’s nice to see a little heart from the man.
    …think i’ll go do laundry.

  3. Genius and giving something back! I will only buy Tide from now own.

  4. what’s the best way to get a product prototype in front of manufacturing and distribution decision makers? in this case, its a kitchen gadget. j bone

  5. Every time I see this video, I’m amazed at how smart this is. I really hope that tide cares about the people, and did not only see a huge opportunity to advertise to these people – to “hook” them to their product. If I only knew it was authentic.
    The only way that I would be able to tell that tide truly cares about people, is to see behind the doors of their company. Do they care about the planet in regards to their production (preserving the nature and therfor the future of the people on earth), do they care about their employees, are they fairly treated, and so on…
    I almost think that the only way that tide would have shown that they did care truly, and did not watch the bottom line of their profit on this undertaking, would have been to not put the name tide on it. I’m pretty sure people would have found out it was tide that provided this and the population would have honored that brand much much more.
    What do you think Max? And what do you think, dear reader of this?

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