Hey folks, sorry for the no-posts. The travel and client demands really add up. Blah!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a piece of work that EMF‘s Erik Hauser has put together to drive home his latest message about experiential marketing: it doesn’t have to be a sampling or event thing. It doesn’t have to be tactile. (I’m on the fence with this point.)

Experiential marketing can encompass everything, including TV. He uses this video to prove the point. Is the clip experiential? You decide.


  1. Okay, so I know I am a complete novice here but what is storyline placement? I understand product placement but what is this? I want to market my guesthouse in Marrakech and so this is of interest.

  2. The clip isnt experiential…but the brand interacting with the community is…I believe that is the difference. Their interactions in the clip are providing top-of-mind in everyone’s eyes and everyone who watches.
    MK – Experiential Marketing Manager – REDF

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