I’ve been a huge proponent of pop-up retail and store-front experiences. So it is great to hear of the concept taking root in fine dining as well.

According to this bit on PSFK, there is a pop-up restaurant in Australia that is refining the concept to new heights:

The “gypsy kitchen” has no fixed location and their menu changes each week. If you book a reservation now, you will be on a waiting list of 4000. If you do get in, only the night before will you get the email or text message telling you exactly where you’ll be eating.


Still interested? Zingara Cucina, Melbourne’s biggest culinary mystery, is a fine-dining experience housed in obscure locations that has won the kind of word-of-mouth accolades most legitimate establishments only dream about.

It began almost three years ago when dinner parties held for friends by the operator and chef developed a cult following. Now, Zingara has developed into a weekly dining experience, roaming inner-city locations from car parks to lanes, rooftops, bridges, beaches and galleries.

The chef will not reveal his identity except to say he is not a professional, was taught to cook by his Italian grandmother and mother, and works in an advertising agency during the day. He says that “fine dining has become boring.”

The cuisine is Italian casalinga (home style) and customers pay as they see fit.

I love it! An ad man who doesn’t demand fees! Is it all crazy out there down under?


  1. blind dates – – – of a new kind!!
    wonder what other applications and industry types you could work on with the same principles !!!
    yummy options !! 🙂
    and yes, this ad man i must meet..

  2. Adam Mortimer · · Reply

    Hmmmm I love this concept – and live in Melbourne – and have never heard of this…
    Sure – Melbourne is a big City with many dimensions – but WHO has actually been and had the zingara-special?
    I’d like to meet this guy and have my own experience to believe it….
    Great idea! Adam ~ Melbourne, Australia

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